Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well this my first blog and I will start by saying welcome to my Blogspot.
My name is Lillie, I am 32 years old and a mother of 4 (Josh 14, Matt 6, Mia 4 and Chance 2)
I love be a mom (even if they drive me crazy sometimes). What being a mom means to me is to protect and prepare my children for their future as adults. Our number one priority as a mother is to do the best we can, but remember no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. We weren't given a handbook when we left the hospital to tell us how to raise our kids. We learn as we go along. Parenting is defintly a great adventure, but can be a long journey that never ends. But I believe it is all worth it in the long run. I hope in my many adventures along the way that my children will always be by my side to learn about life and what it may bring



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